about us

Founded by two caring parents with the assistance of a team of psychologists, speech therapists, and preschool teachers, Hug and Dug was created to give something more online-chat-rooms.com™ meaningful to children in today’s digital world. Our mission is to create apps for children that are tailored specifically to their developmental and cognitive abilities. In short, we make fun, educational games for kids that parents love too. These apps are carefully, and thoughtfully created to suit toddlers’ and preschoolers’ motor, sensory, perceptual and cognitive developmental levels. We are aware that kids today are exposed to a lot of unnecessary stimulation from a very early age. Keeping that in mind, our apps offer valuable, developmentally suitable content without overwhelming children with unnecessary stimulation.

Get the most out of your kids "screen time"

Kids, toddlers and even babies today are exposed to hours of ‘screen time’ through television, smartphones and iPads. In many cases, they play games that were not designed for their http://isadult.com/ age group, or with their cognitive and psychological abilities in mind.

Say no to "Sugar" apps

We have founded Hug And Dug as caring parents so that our kids will be able to enjoy a fun and educational experience that matches their abilities while using the iPad.  We don’t want them to play with ‘sugar’ apps that hijack their attention, offering them no added value, or with apps that are beyond their cognitive and sensory abilities, that may negatively impact them over time.

it's more fun playing together

We create games that kids can play with a friend or with an adult caretaker thus making the experience more rewarding as they explore the world around them together.

Yes we care

Kids are curious beings, absorbing so much new information every day.  In order to develop in a healthy way, children require a loving and supporting environment. Such an environment allows them to set out into the world and securely explore it. As parents and caregivers, we care deeply. We care about what they eat, how they are sleeping, if they are happy, and ensuring that they are well nurtured. At Hug and Dug we offer them a caring game environment while they play on the iPad or Android tablet.